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At the beginning of the arrival of the Kokokan bird in Petulu Village in 1965, Petulu Village was holding a Piodalan Dirgayusa Bumi Mepedanan Religious Ceremony at the Lan Puseh Village Temple. 

Many residents experienced mystical events when they shot the Kokokan bird for consumption. After many residents reported to Prajuru Adat that they had experienced mystical events, Prajuru Adat and the Stakeholders in Petulu Village then asked a Priest or Sulinggih and where according to the Priest or Sulinggih, the people in Petulu Village had to hold an Offering Ceremony which was held at the Temple Village and Puseh. During the ceremony, one of the Stakeholders experienced kesaruhan or kesaruksan, where he said that the Kokokan flock was a due or gift from Ida Hyang Bathara at the Lan Puseh Village Temple.  

Therefore a Pelinggih or Padma was made in the village temple of Lan Puseh as a place to worship Ida Ratu Sang Hyang Kuntul. The piodalan ceremony or holy day to make offerings to Ida Ratu Sang Hyang Kuntul is during Kuningan Day every 6 months.

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